Ravings of a Mercenary

20 December 1987
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"All tears are the same."- Anonymous Irish Woman. Truer words were never spoken.

I call this odd collective of my thoughts, be they insightful or banal, "Ravings of a Mercenary." You may wonder what I mean by mercenary, so let's consult the authorities

mercenary: noun, a soldier hired into a foreign service. (www.merriam-webster.com)

That being stated, here's how I consider myself to have mercenary qualities-

1. Though I will serve the US government, even in the midst of this war, I serve more out of need than out of loyalty. Though I won't switch sides, I know full well I'm little more than a puppet to them. But hey, the benefits are decent (until you're out), and with the right group, the pay isn't that bad.

2. I have no loyalty to any current or future employer, and if a better offer comes along, I'm probably gonna take it, as long is it doesn't conflict with my own screwy morality.

3. Only two groups have my fidelity and trust: my friends, and my family. They're the only ones who get it as a gimme. The rest of you are shit outta luck unless you somehow fall into those two groups.

4. Even it is selfish to live this way, right now, I'm in it for the money. Whether I'm a soldier, a cook, a guard, or whatever, I'm just doing it for cash. I need cash to get out of debt. Once the debt is gone, maybe I'll stick around.

That said, I'm a reasonably friendly man. I like meeting new people, making new friends, and am ready to ask any question you may have. Enjoy yourselves.