Stalkers are fun!

gud news: im movin next month n my only last request is 2 meet ya up n say gudbye 2 ya in person. dunt worrie after this i wont bug ya no more. pinky promise. im gonna b far away so hope ur happie as i am. itz gonna b over very very soon. hope ya consider my final request. bye.


Goddamnit what'd I do with my Glock?!

"And on the sixth day..."

Normally I love surprises, but not when they're this crappy. About a month ago one of my bosses came by work.

Boss: Morning Frank, how's things going?

Me: Nobody's dead and the buildings aren't burning down. So far so good.

B: Good. Listen I need to tell you something...

What I'm thinking: Aw shit, its bad news. Where's the happy music?

B: ...and I've been going around telling everyone else this...

WIT: Sooth me with sweet lies, boss.

B: ...Come next month we're not gonna be protecting this site anymore.

Me: You're kidding, right?

B: *Shakes head no*

WIT: This MIGHT have to do with that Impact patrol car I saw last month, so it's probably not my fault. Sweet.

Me: ...did they give us a reason? Bad performance? Too expensive?

B: They didn't say. All I know is due to the loss of added income, we'll be having layoffs.

Me: Oh dammit to hell.

So....that thirty days is now down to six. On March 3rd we officially get our walking papers for the old fart's home, and more than likely I'll get my walking papers in general.
Granted I don't really like this job at all, I hate anything that makes me get up at stupid o'clock, he no direct deposit sucks, and the fact that there is not and never will be benefits is a bugger. Then again, this was the first full-time I've ever managed to land and I got it through what could be considered divine intervention (which divine figure is up to you), and the fact that it took me over a year since I got fired from my job at the House of the Damned (aka Target) to find a job that paid this well, I'm guessing my skills may not be that marketable.

I seriously wouldn't have been in a hurry to adulthood if the whole thing was just improv.

Ah well, Craigslist and Monster HO!

Unexciting news

I finally got a new job, working with a security firm. Its more paperwork added in, but for $10.50 an hour full time I can put up with it. More news when I damn well feel like it.

Do you believe your life has purpose?

I did at some point. It probably came from paying too much attention to the moral lessons that a fictional man dressed as a bat seemed to have attached to him.

I've never been a religious man by any means, but in a way, I worshipped Justice.

I dedicated my life to the pursuit of justice in all its forms. Criminal, civil, social justice. These are all things that people can agree on. That we need something that makes things right, to resolve conflict without us trying to murder one another until neither side is left standing. That's a good thing, right?

Well there, to paraphrase The Bard, lies the rub.

It doesn't exist. At least not anymore.

Israel and Palestine are still trying to burn each other off the map.

Pro lifers attach or throw explosives into clinics, or shame people going in to keep an organism going long enough that it acheives sentience, when the added difficulty and pain the mother faces is considered irrelevant, or for some reason that actual LIVE children who desperately want a home and a family are considered unimportant compared to protoplasm.

People who love each other dearly don't get the same rights because they have similar sex organs, just to placate people who have had power for thousands of years.

Innocent children are forced to mine for diamonds for a soulless corporation, while sleeping with one eye open to make sure the militia doesn't take them or start slaughtering their village.

Indigenous peoples are forced to live in the shittiest lands that a bunch of square-headed puritans said they could have, after said puritans tried to wipe their culture off the face of the earth, as well as pillaging their homes, raping their women and children, and murdering their leaders.

Women in countries without the Doctrine of The Two Swords are stoned to death for someone else forcing themselves upon them. Or stolen from their home countries and set up as whores for the amusement of the traffickers that take them.

How do you argue the necessity and respect of a system that routinely does as much damage as it seeks to mitigate?

And how does someone who needs to fight for what they believe in do so, when they don't even believe in what they fight for anymore? What are you supposed to do, shrug off what you saw as your purpose and just get a normal meandering job, 2.3 kids, spouse on antidepressants and fade into the mediocrity? I was always taught that you could strive for something greater. How is that a greater purpose, to just go with the flow and accept things? Just say "life sucks" while you feel yourself physically and spiritually die a little more everyday?! Some people are content with being Deskjob Daves and Suzie Homemakers. Fuck that bullshit. I want to spend my life fighting for a cause I have faith in, not dropping a few more worthless brood into the already overcrowded genetic fuckup that is the human race.

So I have nothing worth fighting for, and there will a snow storm in every layer of Hell before I just do what everyone seems to be willing to do.

So what am I left with?